Unity for Arch Linux is here!

Packages are built from PKGBUILDs by chenxiaolong on clean dedicated chroot/vm environments
(x86_64 and i686 repos available)

[ last full rebuild: 22.01.2013 ]

add to /etc/pacman.conf:

[unity] Server = http://unity.humbug.in/$arch
[unity-extra] Server = http://unity.humbug.in/extra/$arch
and do
# pacman -Suy # pacman -S $(pacman -Slq unity)
NOTE: There are many ubuntu-patched packages that replaces original Arch packages. Also it is recommended to use freetype2-ubuntu and libxft-ubuntu from AUR.
contact: pratik [at] humbug [dot] in

index.html shamelessly stolen from unity.xe-xe.org

Blog post at http://www.humbug.in/2012/install-unity-on-arch-linux/